As promised in my previous post let me take you on a tour of the E-Boutique and the newly revamped Magpie on the site.

One of the most difficult things about launching the e-boutique was editing my list of designers to feature.  Many a nights were spent agonising over the line up.  Mood boards were shuffled and re-shuffled and endless calls and emails were sent to my cherished, trusted and extremely honest friends (Huge Love goes out to the ladies who are beyond amazing).

In the end I went with my heart and listened to my inner Magpie and I think you’ll agree the Magpie on the Run line up is hotter than HOT.

I’m so excited and honoured to be representing an amazing group of female designers whose pieces thrill and inspire me every time I see them.  Meet the Magpie on the Run designers;

Wolf & Moon

Charlotte Valkeniers

Charlotte V Exclusive

The exclusive Charlotte Valkeniers x Magpie on the Run range

Rosita Bonita


Former illustrator Ro brings her leather fancies to the line up


DONE 2 - Version 2

Pretty Prints c/o S.J.B.

Six D


Bringing some Australian flair and sunshine to the store is Daisy Daet of Six D

Sea Pony Couture

There was no way the SPC statement rings I discovered last year in San Fran couldn't feature in the line up

There was no way  I could the leave the the SPC statement rings I discovered last year in San Fran out of the line up

You can discover all about the designers in the line up here.

To accompany the e-boutique I am currently in the process of creating a new platform , a kind of blog-zine if you would like, that will feature various writers, designers and creatives.  Familiar and loved sections of my original blog have been developed further on this platform.  Such as, the Jewelog where you can still read and discover the latest jewellery news and learn more about the designers in the boutique.  First to sit down with me for  a chat was Fati Fleming of Sea Pony Couture.  Click the link below to read my interview with her.

The Jewelspiration section is another feature to make it across the digital channels.  In this revamped section I’ll be showcasing and championing diverse and inspired bejewelled looks and icons.

One of the features I’m really excited about is the ‘Dress Me Up’ feature which allows me not only the opportunity to flex my styling skills but also allows me to collaborate with other like minded brands and designers who are also producing amazing handcrafted products.  For the first shoot in this series I worked with London accessories label Mury  to create my spin on the Prints trend.

Over the next few months I’ll be looking at collaborating with more creatives and Magpies so  I’ll keep you posted about how you guys can get involved too.  In the meantime feel free to shoot me across any collaboration ideas you might have.

To keep up to date with all the news on my new venture and to receive discounts and the opportunity to shop new pieces before the hit the store sign up to the newsletter here.

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