My Jewel Date with Rosie Sanders proved to be the most surprising yet.  Sanders an accomplished jeweller whose pieces are submerged in French chic and aristocracy sat before me a picture of refined beauty, opened up her inspo bible, and there, on the first page staring up at me was Mr T!

No, your first instincts were right.  The A-Team fighter who pities the fool and layers himself in links upon links of ghetto gold (in the chic sense of the word) is a style icon for Ms Rosie Sanders.


My puzzled look was met by the response, ‘I love street culture’ she said as she flicked to pages of graffiti art and 90s hoops in her bible.   & actually when I think about it Sanders pieces would fit in seamlessly, whether they were worn in the bold blinging Hip Hop  world or swanning down the King’s Road (M.I.C. fashionista Rosie Fortescue has been spotted rocking her namesake).


Pieces from Rosie’s first collection: Nautilus.

An anthropology graduate and an intrepid explorer; Rosie spent three years wandering the globe and whilst on her travels indulged in her secret past time, trying salons across the lands.  She fondly recalls the rainbow hued mane she sported in South East Asia, the work of a Thai hairdresser.

Sanders is fascinated by all walks of life and draws inspiration from far and wide. For the record she states my other icons are Dame Vivienne Westwood, Joan Collins and Coco Chanel.   From  Coco to Mr T ? I questioned “Yeah,” she respond “in fact that’s what you should name this piece*  Sanders laughed, as our giggles rang out in the beautiful tea room of the Wallace Collection Museum the backdrop for this jewel date.

If you’re familiar with Rosie Sanders Jewellery then you will know that the designer is deeply inspired by Madame de Pompadour, the original  renaissance rebel (as dubbed by the Sanders) who currently hangs in the Oval Drawing room of the Wallace Collection.


As I wandered around the opulent surroundings of the Wallace Collection  before I sat down to pink lemonade (mine not hers) with Sanders it was clear to see why the museum has become a house of Inspo for Rosie whose first visited the site in her youth with her parents.

There, in the details of the ornate decor I see  fragments of Sanders.  The curvature of a ram’s horn evolving into the bold scrolls which have become Sanders signature style.

walAs she begins to walk me through her design process, Sanders admits she is completely obsessed with curves and symmetry.  Every curve of her designs begins life super-sized in her head.  Then she sits down and begins to sketch, drawing the same shapes repeatedly.   “I like to play with shapes and really get to grips with it, blowing it up, scaling it down, just playing and rearranging until I’m set. “




The evolution of Rosie Sanders’ scrolls.

I should point out  that at this point I was momentarily distracted by an amazing vintage bracelet Rosie was wearing – What? I’m not called the Magpie for no reason.  Sorry, back to interviewing …..  

When you’re designing do you design with a certain type of woman or market in mind? I asked Rosie after taking a few snaps of the eye catching bracelet.


Rosie’s Vintage Bracelet

“I want my designs to empower women. Yeah sure part of being a designers is thinking about wearability. I love those big catwalk hero pieces but you need to be able to bring that meow factor into all your pieces across the board, from big to small, loud to quiet.  I strongly believe you need to take, your customers on a journey with you.”

& as you look through Sanders jewellery you certainly do go on a journey through time and style.  Her pieces are enriched by history.  The curves of the 18th century transcend into the contemporary world of knuckle dusters and medallions.


Renaissance Rebel ll Medallion Pendant

The designs draw upon the many facets of a woman.  From the dainty delicate side captured in the enamel scroll studs.  To a flirtatious side as demonstrated in the peekaboo element of the ‘Pompadour Signet Ring’, which allows for a flash of flesh to be shown.  To my personal favourite the bold regal ‘Pompadour Bangle’ which is simply just badass and evokes the warrior strength of a woman.


Renaissance Rebel l Scroll Studs

Where is the next stop on the Rosie Sanders Jewellery tour we wonder?  Well, perhaps her latest piece the award winning Kaleidoscope Cocktail Ring is a nod towards the next destination.


Kaleidoscope Cocktail Ring

The piece which won the  BJA ‘Cocktail rings on the Catwalk’ award, features the signature scroll motif arranged in eight point star formation which is christened with a mesmerising princess cut London Blue Topaz stone.

ROSIE.SANDERS_KALEIDOSCOPE.COCKTAIL.RING3.sat4_72dpiBJA marketing manager Lindsey Straughton said of the competition: “We were looking for bold statements to reflect the purpose of a cocktail ring such as a flamboyant piece worn to impress and I think we have found just that.”

Does the inclusion of precious gemstones mean the Rosie Sanders Jewellery line is taking a step down sparkly avenue I questioned,  and with a wry smile Sanders simply said watch this space.

& watch this Magpie shall, with intrigue and excitement.

Thanks to Rosie for an enjoyable Jewel Date.

sign off vertwo



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*I was indeed going to name this piece From Coco to Mr T’ until I realised it dispelled the element of surprise in my opening paragraph so instead I shall donate the title to you Rosie to use for your memoirs!

**Currently Rosie has no plans to write her memoirs, but I think she should after spending just an afternoon with her I can tell you that is one book you would want to read

Credits: Product Images  & Technical drawings © Rosie Sanders | Model mages courtesy of –  Photography by Martner & Mowat | All other images  © Nina Elegba – Magpie on the