Last week at Craft Central’s open studio event I got to catch up with one of London’s rising stars; Banita Mistry.  Mistry’s ‘The Colonel’s March’ Ring inspired by  Lord Ganesh,was my crowning jewels at last seasons open studios and since then  Mistry has continued to create a range of dynamic jewels which effortlessly weave traditional Indian culture with a contemporary aesthetic.   


‘The Colonel’s March’ Ring

The endless folds and curls of the iconic Indian dress the sari has become the inspiration behind her latest collection; ‘Surf’. Why the  name ‘Surf’ I hear you ask? Well, true to form Mistry likes to take the traditional and spin it on its head, well in this case it’s side.  Mistry explained that once you turn the pieces( which look nothing short of liquid metal) on their side they resemble and evoke the beauty and anger of the  ocean.


The Storm Necklace


Surf Studs

Black Surf Ring

The Black Surf  Ring

Mistry’s piece really come alive once you wear and interact with them.  One  of the standout pieces from the new collection was this interlinking label pins and necklace. Though as demonstrated by Banita below this necklace looks great worn with anything,

bmMy favourite piece of the day was one that is currently in development.  Proving once again that innovation is at the helm of her designs Banita took me through her current designs  for a range of interchangeable and interconnecting  jewellery which be able to expand and become as jeweltastic as the wearer pleases.  Multiple bejewelled options in one , consider me your first buyer Banita.


Work in progress. Designs © Banita Mistry