Jewellery is one of the ultimate symbols of love.  & with everyone getting all ‘doe- eyed ‘ with the fast approaching Feb 14th, now was the perfect time for Augustine Jewels to release their latest collections, which are guaranteed to sweep any lady off her feet.

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down to cake & bubbles at The George Club in Mayfair and having a sneak peek preview of the fine jewellery offerings from this emerging London label.

IMG_5729A lady from my own school of thought designer Alexandra Morris Robson recognises and appreciates jewellery for it’s power to hold special memories. Encapsulated in the ‘Heirloom’, ‘Spring’ and ‘Ostrich’ collection are memories from her trip to Mexico .

Working with precious materials such as 18ct white gold and sterling silver and the finest quality gemstones including pink sapphires, rubies, garnets and diamonds. Robson has captured the stunning beauty of Mexico’s blossoming blooms.

augWith it’s wispy feathers and heart shaped gemstones the Ostrich collection had the specially invited press teams and jewellery bloggers whipped up in a frenzy. I too wanted to throw on a drop waist sequined number, pin on the heart brooch and live out my 20s flapper girl fantasies.


Sequins & feathers aside the real shows stoppers of the Augustine collection are their quieter simplistic pieces which allow the wearer to introduce fine jewellery into her everyday wardrobe.

These precious jewels are not to be sat in a velvet box waiting for that special occasion to come out to play.  Wear them all day and everyday and enjoy the special memories they hold and the thoughts of the loved one who wisely gifted you with them.


The hints have dropped …

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Thank you so much to Augustine Jewels for inviting me to their Valentine’s Collection launch event.

Product Images ©Augustine Jewels.