ROME UPBack in July the Ladies and I were in Rome to witness through a stream of tears (mainly mine) our dearest friend wed the love of her life.  For once jewel hunting was not on the agenda. It was all about the wedding, the romance and exploring the breath taking city of Rome.

IMG_7837IMG_7697IMG_7762IMG_7895IMG_7822IMG_7804Though whilst wandering and meandering along one of the cobbled streets of Monti Trashy B and I discovered a charming jewellery store; Lo Scrigno.

Now due to a language barrier I wasn’t able to discover that much about the designer so instead you can coo and ahh like I did as I looked around the store.




IMG_7940IMG_7912IMG_7916IMG_7941IMG_7949Lo Scrigno is located at Via dei Serpenti 12.   

If you are in Rome check it out and if you speak Italian please let me know what you find out! 

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