I’m all about keeping things fresh and exciting  on the blog and so I introduce you to my first jeweller on 2014 who is exactly those things.

kfloralAn emerging designer originally hailing from Hong Kong , Kristen Kong needs to go straight to the top of everyone’s watch list.  She is a designer who is so Box Fresh she is still studying at the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The enthralling  pastels designs of Kristenflora Textile caught my eye when they electrified the store window of Iconoclast which is at the entrance of the Backyard market on Bricklane. I genuinely did a double take when I saw them and  did a little u-turn to go inside the store to discover more.

Made from paper Kristen wishes to raise the profile of creating  not only sustainable fashion but a sustainable way of living. She proclaims to ‘Love Trash’ and sees it as a way to create new treasures.  & so she intricately folds, moulds and paints recycled paper to create innovative  eye catching pieces of jewellery.




I for one can’t wait to see what else comes out of this promising young designer’s work bench.  Make sure your here with me to watch every moment of her rise, its going to be show stopping.

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Images: Kristenflora Textile / Nina Elegba

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