After reviewing my top picks of last weekend’s Designers Makers’Market it is clear to see that at the moment I’m drawn to geometric jewels in a HUGE way.

With their clean simple characteristics  I love they way  geometric pieces allow me to  play with shapes as  I create my jewelled look for the day. A look which can evolve from a quite whisper to a loud statement depending on how many layers and stacks I decide to add that day.

Each designer who made my favourite list is bringing a different spin to the widely popular geometric style.  Starting with a label I’ve been lusting over on Instagram for quite sometime; Rachel Loves Bob.


Whilst studying for her Maths G.C.S.E. as part of her teaching qualification designer Rebecca Gladstone’s love for trigonometry was reignited  it such a big way that it manifested it’s self through jewellery design.

Gladstone’s signature layered triangular necklaces are both eye catching  and confident.  Her combination of wood and brass is a winning formula which allows the wearer to inject pops of colour and graphic elements in to their look.

IMG_4790RBAs a pre X-Mas treat I picked up the Summer fresh white version of Rachel Loves Bob signature necklace.  Here it is below layered with one of my Ghanian beaded necklaces.


jake Understated and elegant are the metallic pieces of Jake McCombe’s collection. Taking jewellery back to simpler places McCombe showcases the allure and beauty of metal in particular my summer crush Rose Gold.  I love the angular details in Jake’s designs which draws the eye in closer  and adds intrigue to these bold shapes taking them away from the familiar.

IMG_4894Jake also has a range of acrylic pieces which are playful, quirky and colourful.


filPlaying with different textures and materials in the geometric realm is Australian designer Charlotte Filshie.  Charlotte works with cork and wallpaper covering to create her art deco inspired pieces.  With her modern approach to design and colour Charlotte transports the traditional mosaic aesthetic into a contemporary fresh digital age.



Mosaic Beatle with a vibrant yellow cork base.