This year I have been a very good Magpie and rightfully earned a spot on your good list.

 This Christmas please may I have one of the divine  handcrafted jewels below. As you scroll down the list you will see my ring fetish is well and truly alive. But, I will leave the final decision in your very capable hands.  Don’t let me down though Santa, I’ve only just forgiven  you for the note you left stating Barbie’s Dream House was out of stock??? Though I am still somewhat confused because I thought the elves made everything?

 Mmm they could learn a thing or two from these ladies flying the flag for handmade. Especially when it comes to reworking a traditional piece with a modern eye. That’s why I love Myia ‘s Signet ring.


With Myia’s signature diamond graphic font the signet ring has been given a modern day facelift which refresh it but doesn’t impose on the history and sentiment  of the piece.



Another designer who adds a contemporary flair to heritage pieces is Scottish Jeweller Ruth A Morrison who showcases the Harris Tweed of her hometown in her bold geometric designs.


vicKeeping the Wish List in the Scottish region is another Vanilla Inker of 2013; (Ruth above is also a Vanilla Inker)  Victoria Kelsey. I’ve been lusting over Victorias lava bracelet since I spotted it at the IJL in September. Victoria evokes the right balance of grunge, goth and BAD ASS.


Speaking of which, that reminds me of sixD a Australian  label I discovered while on the extended vacay.  Designer Daisy Daet’s collections were so fresh and enthralling I would head back to Oz just to visit her.   From the copper ‘Tablet’ pinkie ring to the ‘Passage ring’, I would be more than ecstatic with any one of the rings modelled by Daisy below.


kattriKattri’s mantra is ‘I must NOT wear Boring Rings’ and I couldn’t agree more.  Adding some much need razzle dazzle to my fingers, this  ring will more than guarantee I don’t end up on any dull lists.


That’s it St Nick, list complete.   Over to you.

Yours faithfully a very excited and grateful Magpie.

sign off vertwo

In case Santa requires a little assistance in his selection process, please let me know in the comments box below which piece would make it on to your  Christmas Wish List  – Thanks Nx

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