Here’s a closer  look at three Craft Central jewellers who really caught my eye during my open studio tour.


Provoking us to challenge the ideals of what is beautiful, Rhiannon Palmer works with the unusual material choice of concrete to create her range of contemporary jewels.


IMG_4087The cosmic ‘Wanders Collection’ does a great job at dispelling the notion that you are wearing a piece of concrete around your neck. But it wasn’t until I saw the ‘Pencil Case’ collection that my focus shifted from concrete into the nostalgia of being 8years old again on the first day of school and removing shiny new pencils from my John Lewis pencil case.

That’s the beauty of jewellery when you take it past face value you are just left with great memories and not a slab of concrete.  Kudos to Rhiannon .


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Karen Rothwell’s  jewellery takes you on a trip through Africa via Japan! Using the ancient Japanese technique of Mokoume Gane which fuses layers of silver and gilded metals Rothwell emulates the bold geometric prints she saw in African prints and the beautiful landscapes of the continents fair lands.  After collecting African currency on her travels and Maasai trade beads, Karen has transformed these artefacts into earrings, brooches and rings.



It is Banita Mistry’s mission to jump start Indian fine jewellery and drag it forward into the 21st century.

Whilst staying faithful to traditional Indian designs and culture Mistry applies a modern eye to her collection of charismatic fashion forward jewels.


Iconic Asian Motif – The Mango

EARIMG_4130 - Version 2

My show stealer of the day has to be ‘The Colonel’s March’ Ring from the Haathi collection which is inspired by  Lord Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant God and the battle between Kings.