At the moment I am fully taking advantage of the Open Studio season.  It is a unique opportunity to visit jewellers in their workshop and have a sneak peak around their creative hubs full of inspo boards, test pieces and planned collections.   As well as discovering some new jewellers I have also been able to have a catch up with some of the amazing jewellers I have met this year and relish in their new collections and recent achievements.

Based in Cockpits Arts Holborn are Sanni Falkenberg and Mariko Sumioka two jewellers who absolutely blew me away at this year’s Goldsmith’s Fair .   Sanni who if you remember is in her debut year is going from strength to strength and adding accolade after accolade to her lists of achievements.  She has recently been awarded with a workshop space at Cockpit Arts and was only just settling into her new home when the open studio occurred.    I’ll be visiting Sanni in the New Year once she is all settled in so look out for that Jewel Date post then.

In the meantime here is look at some of the stunning designs from Sanni and Mariko.



IMG_4236IMG_4228IMG_4226lljThe wild organic rawness of Thailand’s East Eden Coral Reef is captivated in Lenique Louis’ mesmerising statement jewellery.  Working with Gold, Silver and the lusted after (by me on a daily basis) Rose Gold, Louis creates textured pieces for both men and women.  In fact guys she has her eyes well and truly set on you, as it is Lenique’s goal to raise the profile of men’s jewellery in the UK.

IMG_4199IMG_4203llj rIMG_4192

clarI continue to be amazed by the inventive ways designers use non traditional materials to make their collections.  Clara Breen encapsulates layers of riveted Paper in her sterling silver and gold pieces. Lovingly pressed amongst the layers of papers are memories the wearer can cherish forever. Such as a road map of an epic journey once travelled, letters from a loved one or a rainbow hue of favourite colours.

breenIMG_4221paIMG_4220boodiOne of the reasons I am so passionate about jewellery is because I love the history and sentiments a piece can hold. A principle which is celebrated and showcased in Boodi Blu Jewellery. Created using fragments of pottery found buried in the earth or washed up on river beds, designer Sarah Marafie up cycles the pieces of ceramics she finds continuing the journey and story of the piece into the realm of beautiful jewellery.