Three jewellers really stole the show for me at this year’s East London Design Show.  Each caught my eye for different reasons;one  for her use of unsuspecting  materials, the other for applying  unconventional working practices to jewellery design and the third for her unique spin on classic designs.

Here is a look at the designers who for me are totally mixing up the  jewellery scene and delivering new and enthralling designs to the current market.


Marrying precious metals and forage woods through the process of electro-forming  Diane Turner creates mesmerising jewellery.  The emergence of gold ,copper and silver from the rich wooden structures is seamlessly elegant.   There are no signs of interruption, the combination of the two materials feels so natural its as if mother nature had intended bling to grow on trees.


silver_and_blackwood_ring__copy_massiveIMG_7543_massiveAll images are copyright of Diane Turner Jewellery.

hilaKarni’s Industrial Jewellery range has been born from her background in product design.  Transforming the springs and coils of the industrial industry into dynamic refined pieces of stylish jewellery  Hila’s collection encourages us to embrace the unexpected in jewellery design.


charAs a lover of masculine aesthetics, clean lines and bold shapes Charlotte Valkeniers’ jewellery totally made my heart flutter.  Injecting geometric shapes with a shimmer which sparkles and pops, Valkeniers knows how and more importantly where to sprinkle embellished details which take the familiar to new dizzy heights.   Her cage ring for me was the ABSOLUTE Crown Jewels of the whole E.L.D.S.