ladybThis range of playful vintage printed images and quirky slogans was one of the show stealers of the fair for me.  Head Ladybird (or The Cat Lady as she was recently deemed on Jewel Street) Zoe Jade began Ladybird Likes just last year in February 2012.  After  perzuing the collection at the RCF its a no brainer why this range was a runaway success.  Guys and Gals, if you’re looking for exceptionally crafted unique finds at affordable prices then look no further, than Ladybird Likes.

IMG_3059IMG_3065ladyIMG_3082IMG_3076sllyMy inner Magpie can’t help falling in love with jewellery inspired by birds. Sally Ayling’s collection is full of absolute darlings from the bird family, which have been immortalised in silver, wood,colourful acrylics and  vintage tins to create this charming range of jewellery.


How cute is this range of bird silhouette rings, especially the oxidised silver versions.


meMade by Me Me Me is an ingenious name for a jewellery company and when you see Jade Gallup’s  jewels you totally just want to indulge in them just for yourself ( sometimes it s all just about me, me, me).  Made from porcelain the range of sorbet jewels maybe sweet in colour but they pack a punch. My fave piece is the large faceted stone statement necklace.  It is sheer bad ass and has gone straight in to my pay day list.

IMG_3024IMG_3033IMG_3036IMG_3034 One piece I couldn’t wait to buy was this sugar sweet blue  stone ring .


lITLEI wouldn’t like to say Lucy Pass of Little Lost Soul is a artist and a jeweller because for me the two are one and the same. So instead I shall say Pass’ artistry manifests it’s self across several mediums. From the brush stroke of her paint brush. The snap of her camera , the cut of her clothing line and the assembly of her jewels.


soulThe combo of leather and jewellery is always a winner for me. But that doesn’t mean my critical eye is easily pleased. There needs to be that Je ne sais quoi, a flair to the design which makes me stand up and take notice.  Lucy’s  black lattice necklace, made me do just that.  The marrying of leather, geometric shapes and cut-out peep holes is HOT.  H.O.T.T.

IMG_3215I couldn’t resist walking away with one of Lucy’s Leather bracelets.  I can’t wait to add a slice of leather to my Arm Parties.  I’ll be sure to share the results with you all.


The Renegade Craft Fair is an international  travelling market so keep an eye out on their  website to see if the fair maybe swinging by a town near you soon. If it does, it is definitely  worth the visit.

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