The party shoes are back in their box (if you missed my post on the Wonsuponatime ‘Unhappilyeverafter’ Halloween party, you can find it here ) , and it’s back to work.  Let me introduce you to some of the jewellers who make up the Wonsuponatime family.

Wonsuponatime is company who can pride themselves at spotting hot jewellery talent. In several instances they have captured jewellers right at the beginning of their glittering career.  Some of labels featured on the site are in their debut year; such as Only Child. An East London bred label which launched in February this year.


Image: Wonsuponatime

only childIf a celestial dance party was an item of jewellery it would originate from the Only Child collection.  With their electric glittering rocks it is easy to see why this label has been causing waves since it launched on the jewellery scene. Trashy B and I were both lusting after the rock-tastic Asteroid necklace and bracelet.




yasYasmin Everley’s jewelled insects and bugs are definitely not ones to be swatted away. Golden embellishments, rows of rubies, sprinkles of diamonds and enlarged smokey quartz gemstones, Everley challenges us to see the glamour and grace in creatures who are not usually seen in this light.




wonsGROUProsieRefined elegance, the work of designer Rosie Sanders is stunning.  Inspired by the Neo-classical movement Sanders has created  jewellery for the ‘Renaissance Rebels’ within us.  I’m completely in love with the 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil  Pompadour signet ring Rosie brought with her to the party. It has currently been banked in my wish log.





Mona Mara aligns perfectly with Wonsuponatime as celebrating the story of a piece of jewellery is at the helm of both companies.  The Mona Mara story is deeply influenced by the world that surrounds partners in love and business Zoe and John. The iconic London skyline has been immortalised in 22ct gold plated pendants and symbols of peace and togetherness hang charmingly from their range of necklaces.


mon a

reoEerie, enchanting and enticing, Reo Jewels unearths the dark beauty in nature’s underground. Botanical and animalistic shapes emerge from this label which bills it’s self not just as jewellery but body adornment for ladies and gents.

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