Last night the team behind Wonsuponatime boutique threw one hell of a ‘Unhappily Ever After’ Halloween party.

Wonsuponatime first appeared on my radar in March when I met the ladies at a pop up event they held with China Doll boutique at Box Park. Back then owner Sarah Andrews told me about her plans for the company; it’s own fairytale transformation into an e-boutique carrying luxury bespoke jewels from the hottest designers.

The company relaunched at the beginning of the summer when I was cocktail in hand lying on a beach on the extended vacay (apologies I do l like to hark back to blissful time at the mo. I’m currently suffering from delayed holiday blues). Since then Wonsuponatime has grown from strengthen to strength adding the work of inventive designers to its books and providing me a regular lust fix.  Remember as a child when you used to circle the toy section in the Argos catalogue and give it to your mum pre X-mas. We’ll that’s basically me right now with the Wonsuponatime site.
Before I introduce you to some Wonsuponatime jewellers. Here are some pics of last nights shindigs and the mischief  Trashy B and I got up too.



Jewel Bugs and real bugs with Yasmin Everley


Trashy B with her  ‘Kate Loves Cake’ cupcake


Make Up Designs


@kateloves_cake cupcakes


Bonetingerling designer Yasmin Everley


Bat out of hell , Momocreatura Necklace

Part 2 of this post with you shortly.

Happy Halloween

sign off vertwo