It seems fitting to close this chapter of my San Fran Logs with my most enthralling find in the city, a talented designer called Fatima Fleming whose label Sea Pony Couture (S.P.C.) well and truly had me in a spin.

With enlarged 20’s style faceted gemstones bound in golden chains , S.P.C.’s ring collection jumped out and grabbed my inner ring fiend and wouldn’t let her look away.


Images: Sea Pony Couture                                                Photography: Nikki Ross


Sea Pony Couture  first appeared on my radar when I was researching a list of jewel hot spots for me to visit when I got to San Fran.  A few weeks later at a pop up event in the Mission,  I got to see the jewels in the flesh and well; my eyes danced with delight as I discovered just how much more to S.P.C. there is .

The S.P.C. range is an assortment of fragments of the 20s,60s and 70s which have been reworked taking vintage allure from the yester-years into a new contemporary realm.   With fringed copper necklaces, candy coloured glass vintage stud earrings , charm bracelets and of course those rings.



Established in 2008 Sea Pony Couture is the jewellery string of designer Fatima Fleming’s creative bow.  The rest of the strings on Fleming’s  accomplished bow cover Millinery, Singing, wedding dress making, styling and there is also a S.P.C. T-shirt line,which  you can see being rocked out by the models in the  S.P.C. Emo Kitty video.

Before all that Fatima was making dance costumes with her mother from rich vibrant african textiles.  But at the beginning there was jewellery.   & the art of ‘jewel composing ‘which Fleming coined from taking her metalsmith training and applying those techniques and tools to create wearable stories from her favourite elements.

Elements which are deeply rooted in vintage fashions, materials  and designs especially of  the 20s & 60s eras. In S.P.C. you can feel the jewellery oozing the swag of 20s Molls and Flapper girls who have stowed away to the swinging cocktails parties of the 60s.  & as you place on a  S.P.C. piece you feel yourself becoming that girl too; ‘The Bad Ass’ who S.P.C.states it’s jewellery is for.

A  S.P.C. Bad Ass is someone who just takes it and owns it.


Whatever you deem ‘it’ to be, let me tell you Fatima Fleming has ‘IT’.  But it doesn’t come in the elaborate way you think it might.  Obviously there is a performer inside Fatima.  She fully understands importance of establishing a visual presence and she filters this down to her creations.

However she delivers presence to you not only in her jewellery but with herself in many different facets.   Ranging from loud & bold ( the chains and gemstones not her ) to quite, subtle and thoughtful (both her and some jewellery pieces).  She is the type of person who packs the heaviest of punches but with the lightest of touches.


My S.P.C. Necklace made from pieces of a vintage lampshade

Her own jewellery collection which again I was surprised to hear is quite minimal.  Is made up of a few vintage pieces she has collected on her treasure hunts while searching for materials or stock she came across while working in vintage stores. Her favourite items  are the two art deco rings below.


Fleming is a Ringmaster, I don’t mean in the jewellery sense; though as you know I believe her rings are pretty masterful.  My own 1 of a kind S.P.C.  piece has become my go to statement ring.


 I actually meant Ringmaster in the circus sense, which is very apt given that Fatima actually was a circus performer for a bit.

Fleming is able to conjure together and coordinate her many different influences, skills , styles and training into a visual spectacular which leaves you in awe.  Right now jewellery is at the forefront of the Sea Pony Couture realm but I know the S.P.C. circus is going to expand and grow in new directions were not going to see coming , but will be ecstatic when they arrive.

I just urge you all to rush into the tent and  grab yourself a front row seat.   Because you’re going want to  you need to watch this label grow and marvel at the splendour of Fatima Fleming one of the true curators of our time.

Thanks to Fatima for taking me into the .S.P.C. realm.

sign off vertwo

Please check out the S.P.C. website for a list of SF stockists.  Don’t you worry I’ll shout it from the rafters when the online store launches – keep you posted.