Here are the Best of Britannia Jewellers who had me in a spin.


Lust list ,  Wish List, Infatuation List.  However you choose to name it, over a  ⅓ of my covet list (which as you can imagine is pretty extensive)  originates from the Smith/Grey website.  I love them.

I love the way they approach jewellery with a sway towards a masculine eye, but still their pieces are relevant and accessible to even the most whimsical of women.  I love how they take the familiar and flip it on its head, shake it up  and create a  new hybrid of cool and fresh.  & I, LOVE, how their pieces ooze swag.  The moment a Smith/Grey piece  touches your skin you exude the sophistication and edginess of the label and its designers.  Ladies, Gents you all need to put a Smith/Grey piece on your lust list.


For Milena Kovanovic it’s all about the gems.  The focal point for each of her pieces is the opulent colourful gemstones she uses in her designs.


Milena wanted to create the illusion that from each of the gemstones a piece of jewellery has sprouted.  & so the textured embellishment on her pieces represent the organic process of growth.


I’ve spied Momocreatura  several times as I’ve drooled over the Wonsuponatime website so it great to see the pieces in the flesh and meet designer Momo.

Momocreatura is a range you definitely appreciate and have more respect for once you have seen the jewels up close.  Your first  thought will be  OMG every thing is tiny.  Polly Pocket will look like the  BFG next to a Momocreatura  skull.  Then all you will be able to think is WOW. The intricate detail on pieces that small is outstanding and Momo does everything by hand.


Mouse Pendant and Hole in the heart Rabbit Necklace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image: Momocreatura


Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 16.50.54

Image: Momocreatura


The Bold and the Beautiful can be found in Ros Millar’s range of galactic jewels.  Bringing a contemporary vibe to traditional techniques like cuttlebone casting  Millar’s jewels will add sparkle, excitement and Gothic Luxe to any outfit.

ro 2



pipPip Jolley’s jewellery transports you to a time of 50s allure. Skirts were  full bodied  and twirly, femininity was celebrated and as you slicked on a vamp of a red lip, curlers teased your hair into full bodied waves or tender spirals. Hair rollers are the focus of Pip’s kitsch collection of jewels.  Seen in their entirety in silver, gold and powered blues & poodle pinks as pendants.  Sliced and diced as rings, earrings and bangles & stacked in splendour to create my favourite piece from the collection the Gold Rollerette Knuckle Duster.

I love how Jolley is bringing the fabulous 50s to our jewellery box in an unconventional and surprising way.  & celebrating a time women were preened into glamorous pin ups and sexy sirens.



Film Still: The Gold Rollerette Knuckle Duster worn in Jolley’s film ‘Patricia‘.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image: Pip Jolley


On Saturday 19th October Pip Jolley will be hosting a pop up at  vintage boutique What Katie Did.  Head down to check out Pip’s jewels and meet the doll herself the lovely Pip Jolley.


Twisted gold spliced with Herkimer diamonds, Niza’s knuckle dusters are to die for.  If you’re looking for raw gritty jewellery with a high-fashion edge then Niza Huang is your girl.



rositaNo doubt about it, Leather,  is HOT.  When you then combine it with the mystique of a Japanese Geisha, a dash of Sexi Spanish Señoritas and a hint of a Rodeo Cowboy the results are explosive.  If I then tell you that jeweller Rosita Bonita draws upon her illustration talents and the foil and embossed golden details on her leather jewels are her own handy work, well then that is what we call a jewellery Home Run.  Bonita’s jewellery well and truly knocks it out of the park.  It’s unique,  punchy and the pieces just command attention.  I want the entire collection, starting with the Sacred Heart  Rodeo Stye neck-tie/necklace.

IMG_1246IMG_1244RO 2IMG_1231