Before I close the chapter on this years Goldsmiths’ Fair I just wanted to introduce you to a designer  I met back in week one.  While I was having a catch up with the  Gem of Greenwich; Kristjan Eyjolfsson , he told me I couldn’t leave the Goldsmiths Fair without paying a visit to stand 17 to see Jack Row.

Jack Row is an interesting designer he doesn’t approach jewellery and the creation of pieces from a sentimental angle.  Instead he relishes in the construction side.  & so he explored and has now taken traditional jewellery techniques normally reserved for the production of high-end fine jewellery and used these practices to create a range of writing instruments so exquisite and divine they surpass the word luxury.


Row works exclusively with Gold, Silver and Platinum combing these quality metals with precious gemstones, such as diamonds and sapphires.

JAALI_WRITING_INSTRUMENT_02 - Version 2Just for the record Jack hasn’t abandoned his roots in jewellery and along side his writing instrument he also produces a range of accessories including cufflinks and rings.