The jewellers exhibiting in the first week of the Goldsmith’s Fair  2013, kicked proceedings off with a bang. Here are some of the jewellers I met…


I’m always on the look out for jewellery which pushes the boundaries, shakes things up and moves the industry in new directions. Therefore I was so excited when I discover Victoria Walker and her range of kinetic jewellery. Walker’s collection of botanical delights features flowers that bloom right before your eyes.


Daisy Locket: Victoria Walker


Daisy Locket in Bloom

The inspiration behind Victoria’s designs is to create a piece of jewellery with a secret inside which only the wear knows of its existence.  Until they decide to share it with others.  Similar to the way a locket conceals the precious photo of the owners loved ones, Victoria wanted to and has succeed in creating a treasured piece of jewellery which can be passed down through generations, each learning of the secret inside.

Check out Victoria’s website here to see videos of her jewels live in action.

HMRenowned jeweller Hannah Martin made her Goldsmiths’ debut this year.  I love the way Hannah’s collections have been born from a story she has developed.   When I met her Hannah introduced me to the story of Vincent a Russian gangster with jewels as killer as his word.

Martin’s jewellery is genderless and the pieces have been embraced, loved and worn by women as as well as men,  Hannah has even succeeded in getting the gents in pearls with this Spur pendant Necklace inspired by her story: It’s Only Rock N’ Roll.


Spiked Ring in Gold and Black from the story – It’s Only Rock N’ Roll: Hannah Martin

HeeHee Young Kim is an intriguing young designer who graduated from St Martin’s in 2011.  The inspiration for her bold sleek designs comes from her need to have a organised tidy bedroom . & so the architectural clean lines in her sterling silver designs have been inspired by the compartments and draws she has in her bedroom.  Kim has then developed this into the notion of a hidden world and her pieces represents the blueprints and floor plans of this constructed society.


Standing Ring




Mikala Djorup works with coloured rose cut diamonds which she then marries with matt textured metal.  The contrast of the matt Golds and Silvers compliments the diamonds perfectly and makes the colours just pop.


Green Diamond enased in Silver


Slinky and sexy, this Oval 18ct yellow gold necklace is breathtaking

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 09.18.09

The Oval Necklace: Mikala Djorup
                                                                                                                Image: Mikala Djorup

& the placement of a single diamond at the back is soo seductive. Imagine your hair up, a low cut neckline at the back of a dress & at the nape of your neck a twinkle that catches an admires’ eye as you sashay past …. Hot!



Chats, speeches, rants and raves all of the aforementioned makes up Jonathan Boyd’s jewellery . Jonathan records the conversations of friends, family members and himself and then transforms the words into teeny tiny pieces of oxidised silver, which he then builds into jewellery.


The links of this necklace are made up of 18 different conversations.



More of my favourite gems from the 1st week of the Goldsmith’s fair will be with you shortly.  & the next post will feature a catch up with one the Gems of Greenwich; goldsmith Kristjan Eyjolfsson and a look at his latest collection.

GOLDWeek 2 of the Goldsmiths’ Fair begins tomorrow; Tues 1st Oct.  Head down to check out what the next set of designers have to offer.

Goldsmith’s Fair: Wk 2: Tues 1st Oct – Sun 6thOct.  10:00 – 18:00

Entrance by catalogue purchasable on the door (£10 for one week, £15 for two weeks)