Hi all
I hope you are well. Let me introduce you to a new feature on the blog; Box Fresh. This will be a platform to showcase emerging designers fresh out of the jewellery box.
BOX Some of the designers you will meet will already be up and running with their own e-tail store, others you will have to scour a market for and some will be selling via  Instagram or  straight off themselves. Literally I’ve see it happen – people buying a designer’s ring straight off her finger!

If you are an emerging designer and you would like to be featured on the Box Fresh platform or you would like to nominate a designer then drop me a line at

Click on to my next post to meet my first Box Fresh  Designer  New Yorker Aileen Velazquez of Honeycutt Jewelry.

Guys if you like the new feature or any designers featured then show some love and hit the like button.

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