Introducing the 1st designer hitting the Box Fresh Platform; Aileen Velazquez of Honeycutt Jewelry.


LABEL: Honeycutt Jewelry   DESIGNER:  Aileen Velazquez  LABEL’S CROWN JEWELS: Mixin’ Metals

Magpie on the Run (M.O.T.R.) : Tell us about Honeycutt Jewelry?

Aileen (A.V.):  Honeycutt is really about mix.  It’s for the women who go against the grain in many different directions.  Those who can’t be described in one word. It’s the productive, special ladies that work hard, confuse stereotypes, and break cultural barriers.



EARRINGSAV: As a designer what inspires me, is where I come from and the street style of people around me.  Living in Manhattan, where theres a “fake it til you make it” swag, old money etiquette, 90’s New York survival skills, young struggling artists, and successful people with dream careers, all in the same zip code where you can’t really tell who’s who anymore.

M.O.T.R.: That’s what I love about Honeycutt as a brand it juxtaposes so many styles and influences and for me creates a fresh new dynamic aesthetic.   I love the mixing of metals in the Honeycutt necklaces, it gives the eye so much more to look at. The pieces are so versatile as they compliment the tones of so many colours.  Basically you can , and I do wear a Honeycutt Necklace with anything and everything.
AV: I don’t ever design on paper like maybe I should. I really just enjoy creating pieces from materials I have found, and bought. I use what I have, buy what I need, and make what I want
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For all you New Yorkers you can head downtown to get your hands on some Honeycutt Jewels.  Aileen’s manager has a great eye and when she saw Aileen wearing some of her pieces at work she told her to get making and start stocking up the shelves with her treasures.   For the rest of us slightly more far flung from the concrete jungle follow Honeycutt Jewelery on Instagram and if when you spot something you like, drop Aileen a message and she will hook you up.
STOCKIST (NEW YORK ONLY) :                     IMG_6881
Nu* New York: 827 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Callalilai: 43 Spring st. New York, NY 10012

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