Day 5 at Fashion Scout brought me the presentation of  ‘Grey Matter’ the latest collection from accessories designer Little Shilpa.  Walking into the presentation I felt like an intrepid explorer who had discovered a mystical lair containing the most exquisite collections of dolls; mementos from a land so exotic and compelling it could only exist in a dream.


IMG_0587Shilpa which means ‘sculpture’ is the perfect name for designer Shilpa Chavan the master mind behind the label.  The headpieces and jewellery she creates are the perfect example of why jewellery should be recognised as art. Her pieces are live sculptures which celebrate Asian aesthetics but with a contemporary twist   Chavan explored the notion of a deconstructed sari, which she then re-assembles using a seven step process.

” 1. Tear it down with your fingers or scissors

2. Toss it in a maximum power gender  blender

3. Tell the English Dandy to re-create his dapper “


” 4. Text the Bombay local to lend his unique pepper.

5. Take Time to ensure none of the pieces are similar “

IMG_0489IMG_0539“6. Trip it up with headpieces for that special flavour. ”


” 7. Time is up; Presenting Grey Matter”


Exaggerated oversized jewellery engulfed the models.  Though no piece felt out of place when combined with the elaborate wonderment that is a Little Shilpa head piece.


Two recurring elements in Chavan’s designs were;  1. An asian motif which was present on all models be it as a pendant or as an adornment on a fingerless glove.



The second element was the inclusion of chains.  Chains appeared both in a singular minimal form running from a nose ring into a hair piece.


& as a layered mask  which concealed the haunting eyes of a model whose stare pierced right through you.


I left the presentation with my brain combusted into a satisfied, deeply inspired gloop.  I‘m so excited to see what emerges next from Shilpa Chavan. & if that was her idea of; ”Grey Matter” then what hell is she going to bring to the table when she enters into the world of Technicolor.  I eagerly await her next move.