One of my highlights of the IJL was watching the jewels strut their stuff on the runway. Developed in collaboration with Adorn Insight the IJL runway showcased four key A/W 2014 jewellery trends; Terrain, Tribe, Self  Portrait and Future Plus,

Though for me jewellery is trend-less.  If I love a piece I  wear it when ever it takes my fancy, I still always like to tune into whats going on in the world outside my own jewellery box.  Plus its always good to know when chokers are going to  to become ready available on the market again – ooo I used to love a choker from Tammy Girl.

Sorry let me take you out of the 90s and forward into 2014, starting with the first trend to hit the catwalk; Terrain.


Terrain or get your rocks off as I now refer to it is all about autumnal tones.  Luxurious purples, 50 shades of greys,  rich browns and faux furs are styled up with textured oversized jewellery. Rough uncut rocks and gemstones paired with wooden bangles and oxidised metals are perfect for this look.



Two get them now pieces for this look would have to be; Vanilla Ink’s Victoria Kelsey’s  Lava rock ring & anything from the Phoebe Jewellery collection. With its squirrels and acorns this collection is an October walk personified.


Lava Rock Ring: Victoria Kelsey. Currently available on Boticca


This look is all about evoking a global traveller. Your adventures in India, desert walks through Africa and beach hopping around Thailand are all translated through your jewels.

Have an arm party with all the friendship bracelets you have collected from friends across the globe, teased in with the charms and trinkets from each destination.  Dress up your fingers with a coloured hue of exotic gemstones.



Tribe Mood board

For me this look would be all about my African beads plus a few borrowed from my mum, layered with an amulet from Tina Liliental.


Double Arrow Necklace: Tina Lilienthal

selfThis is my kind of ‘trend’.  It’s all about the taking jewellery back to the personal.  Wear pieces of you, that tell your story and your history. Initials inscribed in a signet rings, your grandmothers pearls , a locket with your loved one’s picture.


Self Portrait Mood Board 

On a side note can I just say that as I watched the models strut down the catwalk to the track ‘Know your name’ I felt like the stylist had been in my wardrobe and jewellery box.  See-through shirts were paired with leggings.   Necklaces were layered up. Rings adorned each models finger … Can we rename this  look me ?


Speaking of which I found ‘me’ in a ring at IJL.  This stunning magpie ring from designer Claire English.


Magpie Ring: Claire English




Future Plus Mood Board

Bold geometric jewellery rocked it on the catwalk for this jewel look. This was definitely my favourite story told on the runway.  The models became jewelbots and rotated into each look as if they had been placed on a turn table.


Sharp tailored clothing complimented the metallic lux jewellery. I loved how you saw peaks of a triangular arm cuff poking from under a sleeve. But the piece which stood out on the runway for this look was a bold statement necklace by Nordic brand Bjørg.


Mocha leather married with a copper breast plate . I word Love.  Followed by 3 words GET IT NOW.


  With thanks to the IJL for suppling me with the catwalk images.