I’m forever playing with the fun, bold, flirty side of jewellery.  But ultimately  my love and respect of jewellery comes from the personal and intimate tokens a piece of jewellery can represent.   One of the most memorable brands I came across at the IJL was 1 People. –  A Danish brand which reminds us all of the power jewellery can hold.


Established by Rea & Jonathan Tjoa Algreen  1 people aims to use jewellery to help create a sustainable life for people in developing countries and also help to bring people.   This ethos is symbolised through their jewellery design which features treasures and trinkets from across the world encaged in a sleek sophisticated Danish designed  globe pod

How it works …


You begin by choosing one of the 1 people globe each of which has a special meaning for example; The Globe of Emotion . The waves in this design represent the sense of balance we can achieve once we master our emotions.


The Globe of Emotion


Next you then choose a treasure to go inside your globe.  The treasures have been created by various artisans from the across the globe.  The treasured include Man-made rubies from India, Cambodian Brass balls, Thai silver Tribal trinkets and South African clay beads.

Each treasure has been inscribed with the initials of the maker which you can then enter into a database on the 1 people website and discover more about the maker.


Thai Tribe Connection







Finally 40% of the profits from each piece jewellery goes back into the local community it was made in.


I wish 1 people every success building this enterprise and I hope you can all help spread the word of not only this elegant jewellery brand but also the message it symbolises.

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