Back in July (Sorry did warn you all I have an ickle weighty back log of posts) I was able to catch the final weekend of the pop up shop ‘Gems of Greenwich’.  The concept behind the shop was to give four talented designers the opportunity to showcase their work and of course do some serious selling in a bricks and mortar environment.  A panel of industry experts including local Greenwich designer and one the spear heads of London  Jewellery week; Johnny Rocket chose the designers behind the labels, Lili & Ida, Sian Bostwick Jewellery, Maree London and Kristjan Eyjolfsson to be the winners of 2013.   & so the open shop in conjunction  with the launch of  London Jewellery Week in June.


Inspired by the works of her great grandmother; Edwardian children’s illustrator Ida Rentoul-Outhwaite designer Lili has created her label which marries together her whimsical childhood with contemporary technology to create statement jewels.


The Bubble Fairy Necklace and Ida Rentoul-Outhwaite’s illustration.

As well as bringing us elements of fairytale Lili & Ida also brings us some fun and funk with these punchy walnut earrings


Sian Bostwick’s jewellery is delicately romantic.  Her collections will add bursts femininity to your wardrobe.  From the fanciful Wonderland Collection which features elements of Alice’s amazing adventures in Wonderland, to the Nautilus collection inspired by the novel 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea and the Summer Fresh Springtime collection.



Wildflowers Collection part of the Springtime Collection
                                                                                                                  Images: Sian Bostwick Photography: Katie Blench

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 13.56.11

Springtime Collection
                                                    Image: Sian Bostwick Photography: Katie Blench


Springtime Butterfly Pendant as modelled by Trashy B.

I’m going to continue with the spirit of romance and “traditional” sense of femininity and introduce you to Maree London.


Though Maria Thompson’s designs maybe all hearts and flower Thompson does so with a bite with her 3D silverware.


Ivy Silver Flower Necklace
                                                                                                                                                            Image: Maree London

maree l

Images: Maree London


9ct Gold Flower ring with White Diamond
                                                                                                                                                             Image: Maree London


Kristjan Eyjolfsson is an Icelandic goldsmith and a Jewel God in my eyes.  He creates handmade pieces with hypnotic beauty made from recycled materials and happy stones (ethically sourced stones) as he puts it.  I could gush about Kristjan’s collection all day along, but I’m going to let them speak for themselves. 





Rings of love, designed by Kristjan for his wife.  This trio of rings are made up of an eternity ring, an engagement ring and her wedding ring.

kiA peak at the man himself