One of the things I love most about San Fran besides, its mash of different cultures, sense of artistry and amazing views, is, the sense of community spirit it has.  I love thats so many of the SF shops house different ventures from the surfboard shop that shares its space with a jewellery designer and an illustrator.  To the tatto artist who co owns his plot with a thrift store.

Both of the boutiques on my MUST visit list (I would book a flight to SF just to go to these stores alone) when in San Francisco execute community spirit to a tee, by stocking fabulous jewellery designed by homegrown San Fran Talent.

First stop on the list is Wonderland SF which is located in one of San Fran’s most famous districts; The Mission.





Wonderland SF: 2929 24th Street (between Florida Street & Alabama Street)







Boutique come Gallery Wonder SF is rammed full of creations from local San Fran designers and also some “out of towners” who have caught the eye of owner Irene Hernandez-Feiks.   Wonderland SF is the brick and mortar of Irene’s passion, and appreciation for the arts and fashion, along side this she also runs Chillin’  Productions, a 15yr old showcase event which brings together local musicians, artsists and designers.

I spent hours in Wonderland SF looking and trying on, lusting and talking with Irene and her staff.  I spent so long that I don’t have that many pictures to show you, but below is a snippet of some the pics I did take.  Wonderland SF is the shop equivalent of Mary Poppins’ bag there is so much to see and it just keeps on coming.   No pictures I have nor the Wonderland SF website can show you the sheer volume of products they carry. You’ve just got to go down and have a rummage.  A really long rummage, clear a good couple of hours in your diary and trust me its worth it, you won’t leave disappointed at all.





How amaze are these earrings


My jewellery purchase from Wonderland  SF (It took a lot of willpower to walk away with just one item ) was this rose gold link ring made by Irene her self.



Fiat Lux brings a new york vibe to the streets of San Fran, with its loft style interior.  However, like Wonderland SF a lot of the products inside have been grown in San Fran.


Fiat Lux: 218 Church (@ Market)



Digby & Iona


Fathom & Form


Cory Egan Metals


Sheila B

These are made by Fiat Lux’s own label.   Featured in the picture below is a hand plaited gold braid ring and lots of 14ct Rose Gold stackable pieces.

fiat lux

Fiat Lux’s own label

These are the rings of the lovely Rhiannon who not only talked me through the treasures Fiat Lux had to offer, but also hit me up with a mini list of New York must visit boutiques. Having now been to them, let me tell you Rhiannon knows her stuff.



Rhiannon herself is a very talent jewellery designer.  Whose label Ghost Dancer is inspired by Indigenous Culture.


Tortoise Shell Collar Necklace
                                                                                                                                                              Image: Ghost Dancer


Starlight Earrings
                                                                                                                                                            Image: Ghost Dancer


Bluebird Necklace
                                                                                                                                                           Image: Ghost Dancer


Nova Earrings
                                                                                         Image: Ghost Dancer


Porcupine Quill Talisman
                                                                                                                                                              Image: Ghost Dancer