My Jewel Mantra & Style consists of three statements:

So as you can imagine I went into a full JEWEL DAZE     mantra

when I came  across this duo; Me & Lex.  The sister’s take vintage and designer necklaces and then deconstruct them, reconstruct them and then  ……. WOW

My mind is Blown.  I have no words.  Check out Me & Lex’s Blog to see their Works of Art.

DYLANLEX india15

Image: Me & Lex

MEandLEX july1

Image: Me & Lex


Image: Me & Lex

meandlex cali11

Image: Me & Lex

MEandLEX v14

Image: Me & Lex

My fingers are twitching I can’t wait to click buy when these guys start selling online.