After nearly 2 weeks in Oz the next stop on the vacay hit list was Hong Kong.  HK was the city I was most excited about visiting.  I was ready to create my own (Chinese) Lost in Translation experience. My days would be spent exploring the islands and my evenings spent either sat by the piano in the Lounge  of my cute pod hotel or at a bar watching the hustle and bustles of people riding the outdoor escalators

Hong Kong was the one place where my inner tourist was fully let out to play, but that doesn’t mean the jewel hunter in me didn’t get an outing.  Here is my lil log of HK jewel spots.

chic ver 2

HK is the best place to get high end designer jewellery from the likes of Chloe and Chanel. There are  lots of great malls offering GENUINE items at discount prices. Twist located in the  WTC  Shopping Mall would be my one stop shop for designer accessories .

The Peak is one of Hong Kong’s premier vantage points.  The panoramic views of the citys skyline are said to be absolutely breath-taking,  Sadly on the only day I could visit Mother Nature’s schedule was not in sync with mine and therefore I was greeted with this sight …


Ack, what can you do but laugh…  So with some extra time to kill on my hands I had a little perzu of the shops in the Peak Tower and good thing I did otherwise I would have missed this gem of a store; Silversmith.


Silversmith is some what of a mecca for silver fiends. The store has a great range of items from light whimsical boho pieces to bad ass ‘shark’ inspired rings  and there is also some Asian Quirk thrown in, in the form of their pendant collection.  I’m not sure why , but, this little guy keeps on catching my eye.  He’ll be perfect for my Monday Novelty Jewellery.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 21.28.38

Image: Silversmith


Images: Silversmith


Stautnon Street & in fact all of Soho are full of cute boutiques which stock costume jewellery.  Noteworthy shops are; Lane’s  Femme, Tiare and  ABC.  Also the outdoor escalator runs through Stauton street, yes I’m a little obsessed with it!


Now, The Jade Street Market.  I recommend you only going here is you can answer yes to the the 2 following points;

1.  You love Jade.  (I don’t know why but for some reason I just can’t connect with it)

2. You are in the mood to shop – This market is not the place if you just to have quite perzu & feast your eyes as my mum would say.

Both sides of the  markets  ( the market sprawls across 2 sites which are divided by a road) are full of hustlers.  FIERCE hustlers & not in the hot sense.   Fierce in the scary  aggressive sense.   Now I’m not fazed by markets I thrive in them.  I find a trip to the Souks of Marrakesh like popping to Selfridges,  but the Jade street Market is something else.  It totally shook me up.   One vendor chased me around the market waving some bangles at me.  She then sent her mum (fine an older lady) after me down the street when I left the market.  Push-ey!!!

Now I would post some pics I took of the market but there not my best, probably because I took them in a rush as I feared if I stood one place for too long I would be attacked.

On a positive note the Jade street market is a great place to go if you are after a Jade Bargin, just take a friend with you for back up!


I first introduced you to designer Pinky Wong in part 1 of my Jewel Manifesto. Wong’s label The Little Finger is a brass collection of jewels which Wong adds flair to by incorporating colourful cotton threads into her geometric  designs.


Image: The Little Finger


Image: The Little Finger


Image: The Little Finger

rings l.f.

Image: The Little Finger


Image: The Little Finger