It has been such an exciting week as this past week London was covered in Jewels for the 2013 London Jewellery Week.  Jewel East at Spitalfieds Market kicked off the week’s events. Along side a showcase of jewellers selected by Tatty Devine visitors were treated to live demonstrations and jewellery making work shops. Throughout Jewellery Week there were treasure hunt trails through Greenwich, work shop tours with some of London’s designers and the iconic Somerset House played centre stage to the week’s main events ; The London Jewellery Show and Treasure.

Running for 2days The London Jewellery Shows was this jewellery lover’s idea of heaven.  I was privileged to hear talks from some of the industry’s  leading figures and  I meet some talented gifted designers who I shall be introducing you to over my next few posts.

My BFF Trashy B (aka The Trash Bash) joined me on the 2nd day for some some jewel hunting fun.  &  together we enjoyed my highlight of the week; a jewel explosion of statement necklaces, fine luxury chains, stacked up bracelets and glittering diamonds as pieces by established designer strutted next to the works of new designers on the Jewel Catwalk.

ready set

Here are some pictures of the catwalk show.

final runway

yellow catwalk


catwalk 2


catwalk 3