Clocking up 39 years of trading it is fair to say Paddington Market is Sydney’s go to market. I was so excited to go and flex my Jewel Hunting skills & boy did they make me hunt!

On first arrival at the market I was some what underwhelmed.  I wondered; Had the market lost its sparkle?  Were my expectations set too high? Was it all just Hype?  But, I persevered,  I pursued and I HUNTED and then finally the Jewels came.  & I was greatly rewarded with one label in particular which completely BLEW me away.

Here are my favourite gatherings from the market.


The craftsmanship of this label is flawless.  & Antlitz’s Ceramic range really caught my eye.  Especially these white rings which are so Summer Fresh.


Images: Antlitz

I should mention that the brand also carries Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings.  But my Ring Fetish took over hence  the above showcase!

Check out their website for the full range.   Make sure you have a looksie  at the Spectra Collection; Rainbow Jewellery with light refraction properties.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 04.36.39

Image: Vetro e Metallo

Vetro e Metallo  draws influences from African Fashion and Culture to create this copper based jewellery range.  My ring fetish was fuelled once again by their Bullet ring collection, which surprised me with the cheeky ‘word’ stamping on the band. Apologies I can’t bring you any pics of the rings but if your in Sydney on a Saturday please go hunt them out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 22.40.50

Image: Vetro e Metallo

When I was packing for the extended vacay one of things I did to keep things light in the backpack was to take items that I could wear in multiple ways.   This Vetro e Mettallo necklace is a great piece for that.  The pendant can be looped at different intervals to change the formation of the circles.

vetro pics

Images: Vetro e Metallo

I’m noticing a real surge in designers creating interactive pieces that we can change to suit our mood and style.   Which is perfect for someone like me who is always changing up my jewellery looks.  It is also great for the purse, 1 price tag 4 pieces… A-maze.

kukula titles

If someone had told the child me that papier mache could be used to create a Striking Twin Bangle situation,  I would have focused a lot more instead of just creating a ball of mush!   Thankfully Limor Aviram of Kukula Designs has more focus and she brings us her papier mache jewels.   As you know this summer I am on a double cuff/twin bangle campaign so I am LOVING these Kukula Design Bangles.

kukula pics

Images: Kukula Designs


ver 2 six d  copy

Fresh, Dynamic, Intriguing,  HOT  with a H. O. double TT .

These are all thoughts that were whirling around me when I discovered six D  by Daisy Daet’ at Paddington Market.

Daet eloquently weaves together the threads of the Aztec Era, Ancient Egypt and Native America to create the compelling look of sixD.


Appealing to everyone’s taste six D’s  pieces are available in several metals : Brass, White Bronze and Sterling Silver.  & then along the way to twist things up a little Daet oxidises the metals creating an ageing worn look.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 20.41.41

Cube Pendant: sixD
                                                                                                      Image: sixD

ringing out

These are the rings I am crushing on from sixD’s collection

sixD pics

But if I had to pick just one then it would be this Emerald number from the          IMG_5134

Heartless collection.


sixD Necklaces.


Paddington Market is on every Saturday 10:00 – 17:00.  395 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney.

If your in Sydney definitely check it out, it lives up to expectations.