A Jewel Manifesto (Part 1)

So, the end of my trip has arrived, and sadly this Jewel Hunter has returned home.  I have had, one Hell of a trip  and if you are ever presented with the opportunity to do the same I highly recommend it.  Don’t sit back and wait for a friend or loved one to join you ( if they are free to go then great) if your ready to go, then just get up and GO! I discovered travelling alone is one of the most exhilarating things you can do I have ever done.

As I travelled around visiting some of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful countries my tourist side grabbled with my Jewel Hunter side.   Though, sometimes I discovered that they were one of the same.  Jewellery is, a work of art and some of the most exquisite Jewels should be given a Tourist Attraction Status.

On this trip I  was presented with so many  Jewel Attractions.  Narrowing the list down to just 10 has been a battle. But here they are for you my Top 10 Trip Treasures ….

no 10 final

amrapalliAmrapalli, my Thai Treasure Cave.  This store stocks some punchy statement pieces which owner Nadine has pulled from all corners of the globe.

no 9 final copie

the little finger

Image: The Little Finger

The Little Finger a delicate range created by Pinky Wong.  (More info to follow in The Hong Kong Log)

no 8 final copy


Image: Maniamania

Maniamania by name, Jewel Mania by nature.  This Aussie label had me in a Jewel Spin when I discovered them in Sydney.

no 7 final

baylief top10 pics

Bayleif a label which brings us the 3 Fs; Fun, Frivolous & aFFordable Jewellery.  Loves It!

no 6 final


Image: Snash Jewelry

Edgy, Sleek & Slick – I can’t wait to tell you more about Snash Jewelry and our Jewel Date. 



As my love affair for Issy Salomon has been growing going strong since I discovered him on my last visit to N.Y.C. I didn’t think it would be fair on my new treasures to include him in the hit list.  However,  I couldn’t compose a Jewel Manifesto without mentioning him.  So here is pic of my latest Salomon piece which demonstrates  the evolution of the Statement Necklace King.   This necklace is minus Salomons signature Loud, Bold Jewels, but while the Loudness has been muted this pieces is still making a Statement.



Which Treasures are your favourites from the first half of the list? What great Treasures have you found on your travels?

Top 5 with you soon ….

sign off vertwo