I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed when I visited Greenwich market.   As I wandered around the stalls it was all just a bit blah.  Don’t get me wrong there were some nice pieces and had I been in the mood to get some cute delicate sterling silver pieces to use for layering up necklaces and stacking up rings then the market would have delivered  10 fold.

Thankfully due to a shop nestled away in the market my trip to Greenwich ended up bringing me one of my most buzzing London Jewellery find to date.

IMG_2781For in this little shop which goes by the name Kiah old discarded mundane everyday items are up cycled to create dynamic unique pieces. This is a place where unused bicycle chains & zips  become bracelets.  Shilling coins are transformed into rings and pendants.  Circuit boards become statement rings.  I spent ages looking at a camera focus ring, thinking it was part of a display only to then realise it was a cuff!

Now what I would love to do is hit you with an explosion of my photos of these treasure, but I was unable to take pictures of the pieces (the designers  prohibit photos being taken in the shop) .  So what I will do is refer you to their website to have a looksie. (N:B The pieces look 20 times better in real life, trust me) 

I can however bring you a pic of the gem I purchased whilst I was there (yes I know I meant to be on a shopping hiatus but I couldn’t resist).  Now the use of cutlery, especially spoons to create a ring is something we have all seen before.  However at Kiah they have put a different spin on this and  use not only the whole cutlery draw but also use different parts of the cutlery.


This ring is the handle of a piece of cutlery.  I love the way it wraps around and spans across two fingers.  If you get the chance I highly recommend you popping down to the quaint town of Greenwich to visit this shop.  Though when you step into the town you feel like you are in the times of yester-year this shop far surpasses that feeling and demonstrates how forward thinking and some unused items can create amazing jewellery.  & help the environment by being more green.  Kudos Kiah Kudos