Today I succumbed to my first ever piece of holiday jewellery.  Not to be confused with jewellery you buy on holiday,   That is like breathing to me, it comes 2nd nature.

But, Holiday Jewellery   You know the mandatory traveller’s woven piece;  be it an anklet or bracelet.  A leather thong necklace with a seashell disc.  A collection of bracelets varying from leather cord to beads or colourful exotic threads – fabric of the lands you have been to.  Or my personal fave in an ironic way, the beads which are strung from your newly plaited hair.   (Though I should confess the 13yr old me regularly had my mum put beads in my hair for parties).  I can’t end this list without “honouring” the ultimate holiday jewellery item …  a  beaded necklace which boldly unapologetically  displays a shark tooth.


IMG_3670  IMG_3709



Oh don’t worry I have not fallen privy to the last item. In fact shark tooth necklaces are on my Sinlog until some amazing designer has the vision to take them to high fashion status.

My holiday jewellery item was this cute brass anklet with an interlinking chain toe ring.


I got this piece from this cute boutique (think more wooden hut than the concrete consumer jungle) on the idlici island of Ko Tao in Thailand.    (See Travelog: Ko Tao for further details).

I love this piece not only for its design,  but for what it represents.  Now I can wash the hectic London city life off me, kick off my shoes and stroll barefooted along the beach ……..   BLISS