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I’m not one of these girls who can travel light.  I live by 2 mottos, 1 brought to me by the Girl Guide; “Always be Prepared”.  & the other brought to me by Rachel Zoe ; “You can never have enough Options. Options, Options Options”.  Sadly when a backpack gets involved I must break rank from Zoe and downsize.

My jewellery edit was far more difficult than the slicing and dicing of my holiday wardrobe.  Version 1 consisted of 8 necklaces, a plethora rings and a few bracelets.  I know, I know, way too much.  & so the slicing started.

These two pieces sadly didn’t make the cut, but I feel like they need a little spotlight of love and appreciation

IMG_3068         IMG_3076




On to the pieces which will be coming with me.

The Point Five Piece 

This piece is great for when down sizing calls.  0.5 of this piece is a necklace and the other .5 of it is a bracelet.  Confused? Basically this piece can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.


Also due to the pliable nature of the piece, it can be styled and restyled in numerous ways

IMG_3269   IMG_3253   IMG_3243




The 2 in 1 Piece.

Another great way to save space and lighten the load is to take  1 necklace and several charms than way you can switch them over as you go along.

IMG_3221          IMG_3228

The final necklaces which survived the chop were these summery numbers


The only thing I couldn’t cut back on was rings ….


I tried, I promise


To be fair once I stack them all up, that little bag will empty half the time




Edit completed. I  feel some what naked in the jewel sense.  Though I must remember it is for the greater good.  For the more space I leave with, the more space I will have for all the new treasures I will find.