ny light

When I go to New York I absolutely have to pay a visit to the Young Designers Market. It is a non negotiable stop on the holiday itinerary. & those who travel with me know better than to try and suggest otherwise. I am militant when it comes to shopping plans, in fact I once dragged the golden 1 through a mild  NYC hurricane in the name of shopping.

What???   60mph winds going in the right direction can be a helpful push to get you down Bleecker street to the MJ store.

IMG_3181Anyways she got some great bits that day which we  pawned over as we dined at Bread, whilst  our socks and shoes dried on the heater in their bathroom. Can I just say the food at Bread is A- MAZE , in fact a couple days later we took a detour so we could eat there again. Don’t worry it wasn’t a shopping day so de-tours were permitted.

Most of my favourite pieces have come from the Y.D.M.including my No. 1 go to statement necklace.



I love the way Salomon has combined so many different elements in one necklace.  From the pearl waterfall to the gold links, the blue beads and of course the focal point the oversized emerald gem. Which strangely doesn’t pull focus from the other sections  but instead compliments them.

isI  also picked up this little white and yellow piece which is made from safety pins.


The next designer’s  name sadly escapes me. I first came across her in 2008 and to my delight she still had a spot at the YDM when I returned in 2010.  I just love the way she marries gold and colour in her collections.



This bracelet is reversible.  Two items in one, great for the cost per wear!


The white and gold waterfall necklace I am wearing in the picture in the About Me Section is from this designer .  When I was thinking about what one item of jewellery represented me the most this necklace immediately popped to mind.



sheckys sign

Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out is a thrilling shopping experience. Imagine an N.Y.C. warehouse with music pumping then add in amazing designers, cocktails and lots of goodies. Basically my ultimate night of bliss, they need to get these events over to London town.

The only thing I love more than a Statement Necklace is a Statement Ring.  I got these great wire rings from the last G.N.O.  event I went to.




Thank the Lord I will back in New York this Summer so stay tuned for some new discoveries and purchases.  Watch out N.Y.C. I AM COMING.  Someone better alert my bank!