Recently I’ve started to find myself drawn to Signet rings,& I’m not sure why.  Previously  I’ve never really been convinced about  signet rings.   I know traditionally they are the ring of  choice  for the old boy MIC society but to me they kinda evoke Chav Chic .  I think the Chav’s claimed that ring territory much to the help of Elizabeth Duke in the 90s.  So I will forever have etched  on my brain boys in Kappa popper jogging bottoms, Ellesse shell tops, NY Yankee Caps and Signet rings hanging outside the local Maccie D’s.

But now,  I totally want one.  & when I get one I think I’ll style it up  more on the MIC side. I’m thinking White Shirt, Oversized Men’s watch,  Denim Pencil Skirt finished of with some Tan Brogues.

Now, to find the perfect ring ….   Here are a few inspo pieces I have seen so far

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 14.05.30

Image: Smith/Grey

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 09.34.51

Gold & Silver ‘E’ Seal Ring: Jessica De Lotz
                                                                                                                      Image: ECONE