It was Dance Therapy which took me to Ibiza in the summer of 2012.    I was coming to an end of a horrific project abroad when I received a call from my tan-seeking globetrotting partner in crime to say she had booked us a trip to Ibiza. I had barely touched down in London, when before you knew it   I was ramming neon shorts, silk kaftans  and some Ray Bans into my hand luggage


The trip began with some well deserved massage therapy courtesy of the magic hands of the staff at Es Vive.  Now had we not booked our trip so last minute during the height of the season then the fully booked hotel Es Vive would have been our residence of choice.  Es Vive is billed as Ibiza’s Art Deco hotel of chic.  It evoked Miami chic for me, circa Miami Vice of 96′.  & as if on cue enter stage right 3 guys who had also received the Miami Vice memo.  3 guys who had clearly raided Jamie Foxx’s wardrobe and styled in up with a hint of Flavour Flav.

Ibiza was the Golden ones paradise as in between the dance parties and kissing of inappropriate boys she could work on her life’s quest to achieve the ultimate golden glow.The irony is the golden one already has a head start on most given her Indian roots, but in hers eyes you can never be golden enough.


So armed with our Party Bottles ( mine a water bottle laced with Absolute raspberry & cranberry juice) and our darkest tinted sunglasses so we could unapologetically perv on the pretty boys off we went to Las Salinas beach, dubbed Ibiza’s beach of the beautiful people. It is also home to the legendary Jockey Club.

It was on route to  the Jockey Club when we stumbled upon 3choamano

shop front

Image: 3choamano

When I say stumbled upon, its not that the shop is hidden in any shape or form ; it’s right in the middle of the Jockey Club car park. I say stumbled because the 1 thing I forget about the party bottle is that just because it is a water bottle doesn’t mean it is water. Therefore starting to swig from this bottle at 11 am is always a dangerous affair for me.

Party mix haze aside, the magpie signal was clearly in tune with jewellery signals the shop was sending out. Eduardo the shop owner is a highly skilled craftsman,   and initially it is his amazing leather bags and sandals that your eye is drawn to when you first enter the shop.

blue money bag

Image: 3choamano


Image: 3choamano

& then you notice the jewellery.  Oh, the jewellery.  How I wanted to stuff the collection in his leather satchels and buttery soft baby blue money sac bags and run out of there.

After a jewellery pull any zobot would be proud of I narrowed my purchases downto a simple (but stunning) long silver necklace which fans out to 3 strands a B Day present for a very dear friend. & this stunning blue bib necklace for myself.  From the moment I saw it I knew it was going to become a staple summer piece.   The neutral colour palette of the beads means that, this necklace would work with anything in my wardrobe.  From the loud neon greens to the muted creams and even the clashing  Shoreditch prints.


Though whilst talking to Eduardo as he loving gift wrapped my purchases I spotted him wearing a TO DIE  for skull ring. I hadn’t spotted this ring in the shop so I mentally logged it into the Treasurelog.  I stood transfixed by the ring, something about it was like no other I had come across, Eduardo followed my gaze down, and then in his Argentine accent he said “You like? ”

I liked the ring, they stocked the ring ,  I bought the ring.